I wish to extend a hearty welcome to you all at our Prudential Infotech Ltd., Saltlake, Kolkata. The young mindsjoin an insititute in their formative years with dreams of building career of their choices. They learn and develop a solid knowledgebase in their respective disciplines that empower and transform them not only to become good professionals but also to become good citizens of the country and the world at large.
An Institute also encourages the young ones to ask questions, promotes inquisitiveness and debates on various issues and help them to become knowledgeable and mature. They spend the best period of their life in an Institute making best friends and participating in various extracurricular activities in addition to the vigorous learning processes they undergo.

The Institute is a confluence of minds of different age groups where cross fertilization of ideas lead to creation of new knowledge, innovations leading to development of technology for the benefit of mankind and turning out of professionals who would lead the country and the world as academicians, industrialists,

Organization Details

Vision :-

“Sustainable and meaningful employment for everyone"

To be a highly respected Global skill centre by imparting through research and innovation for the benefit of industry and society as a whole and to create complete individuals, capable of being world citizens, through the development of the body, mind and soul by imparting total education.

Mission :-

1. The Centre is committed to providing our students with inspiration and skills development by;
2. Offering equitable access to integrated, responsive programs and services that prepare students for the current and emerging needs within the labour market;
3. Building Strategic partnerships with employers, funders and thecommunity to support our studets employment journey;
4. Ensuring our team is resourced and supported in serving our students;